Apr. 27th, 2010

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Seriously, it's SNOWING outside right now. The weight of the snow collapsed my tent. And is putting a damper on my plans to take Tyler outside for an "expedition". Gaaar. I hate you, Mother Nature. It's too close to my birthday for it to snow!

Yesterday was spent alternately cleaning a fish tank and organizing the living room. I had the day off from babysitting (thank god), so I managed to make a little dent in the mess. Tonight I've got class, though, and I'm pretty sure that when 7 pm rolls around I'm just going to hurry back home, set myself in front of the computer, and mutter about how nasty the weather is.

Oh, I'm jumping on the bandwagon a day late here, but Three Weeks For Dreamwidth! Going to post every day for three weeks, because I love Dreamwidth. I may buy a Dreamwidth coffee mug. I love coffee. I need to drink more coffee. It's too early in the morning.

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Apr. 27th, 2010 09:37 am
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Sometimes people come into your life and leave pretty quickly, before you can really get attached. It might be in the form of a fling, or a friend from class, but they're there and gone before you start to care too much.

Sometimes people come into your life and stay. You get attached, you form close bonds, sometimes you fall in love with them, but no matter what happens, they're there through thick and thin. They'll stick around until one of you dies, most likely.

And then there are people who come into your life, stay awhile, and disappear. You feel like the two of you are so very close. You've shared a lot, you've talked a lot, and you've got feelings for the person. They may be feelings of platonic love, or outright deep affection, but either way, you care about this person and they care about you. Then something happens. Life gets in the way, or their job makes more demands on them, or they find new friends. You talk to them less and less. You wait to hear from them, but nothing. Once in a great while they'll reach out and make contact, but other than that, nothing. And you're left with a great empty hole where that person once was, and nobody can fill it.

What happened to us? You were my best friend, my sister, my other half. I thought I was the same to you. I sit around some nights just waiting for you to contact me. A tweet, a Facebook message, a comment in my DW. Anything. What happened?

Is it me?
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It feels like today's gone on forever. It's the second day I've had that started with an emergency (yesterday Mom called me at 7:30 am freaking out because she thought Johanna took her meds, when she actually just put them back where they were, on the bench behind her bedroom door, in a basket, which took her maybe a half hour or an hour to find; today it was Bryan saying "oh hay your tent collapsed under the snow k bye"), and waking up only to dash out into the snow and yank some tent poles loose... yeah, that's not the best way to wake up. At least Tyler behaved himself today, even if he was a little bored because it was too cold to go outside and he didn't have free reign of the house due to the cleaning ladies being there. I've got Friday off, and then that should be it for the days off until the end of June, when the daily babysitting ends. I'm sorta looking forward to summer, it means more petsitting jobs and better weather. I would much rather deal with Tyler's dog some days, all Zoey does is lay around and look at me with those sad eyes. When I pet sit her, the first thing I'm going to do is give the poor doggy a bath - she needs one.

My night, now that I'm home and done with class and work for the day, is being spent listening to a series of podcasts on the history of Rome (sure it may be boring to you, but I'm finding it very interesting, at least the bits I'm absorbing), curled up in the big desk chair wearing pajamas and my mom's old bathrobe. I love this thing - it's heavy terrycloth, and it used to be on the couch for the longest time. Back when we had a couch in the living room, anyway, and not the top bunk of our old bunk beds. Mom used to use it as a blanket, and the dogs would curl up on it. It's good to snuggle up in. Almost like getting a hug from my mom.

I may go to bed soon. Sure, it's not even 8:30 pm here, but I am exhausted.
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