Apr. 21st, 2010

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Yeah, no Tyler today, and I've got Friday off as well! This is nice. :)

Called my mom today. We talked for a bit, and I whined about wedding crap. I get the distinct feeling there's going to be some drama at my wedding, especially if Kathy starts talking to my dad. She's been pushing me to invite my dad's wife, and I told her there is no way I'm doing that. My dad would most likely cut me out of his life if I did that - he keeps us and Martha separate. Not to mention the last time she saw me, she threatened to call the police on me if I didn't leave her property. Yeah, I totally want to invite this woman to my wedding.

I also found out that one of Mom's dogs, Levon, might be partly blind - she started putting things together, like how he's always running into things and how he freaks out if someone comes up and they're just out of his vision, then they come close and pet him, and came up with the answer that he's probably mostly blind. Poor puppy. It probably explains a lot, though, especially about why he's so skittish and everything.

The living room is clean! YAY! And after I get back from Joe's office (gotta fix his netbook's email issues), I'm going to clean up the bedroom as well.


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