Apr. 20th, 2010

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There is a huge blister on my heel from walking around yesterday in my too-large shoes with no socks. I haven't seen a blister that big since I was 12 and had my cast taken off after breaking my arm and my entire hand was covered in blisters of varying sizes. I hate blisters.

Not looking forward to class tonight. I am so frustrated with the game I'm making that I'm on the verge of just deleting it and starting over. I may spend a few nights this week in the computer lab doing just that.

Tried registering for classes. Apparently I need advisor approval for 3/4ths of them. And apparently Dr. Chadwick is still my advisor, even though I switched programs and the head of ICT told me that Edd is my advisor now. I am confused. Must email the Grad Studies department.

Not much else going on, I guess. Gotta babysit today. Gotta go to class. Have to clean out the aquarium before the fish hops out and decides she'd rather live in the bathtub. Guh. Not a good day to be me, I think.


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