Apr. 19th, 2010

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Ugh. Work in three or so hours. Not ready for this.

I'm back home from Long Island (somewhat obviously, if I'm complaining about work, haha). We left at 1 am Sunday morning, got home at 9 am. Managed to beat all the traffic. Bryan said he wanted to leave that early so he'd have a day to recover at home and get stuff done - all he did was sleep, haha. I wanted to, since I didn't manage to sleep much in the car, but I think I'd hit my second third fourth wind, and I didn't actually fall asleep until bedtime. I'm still ridiculously tired. Maybe a shower will wake me up- breakfast and coffee sure didn't, and it's a little too cold out to go take a walk.

Finally got around to installing Semagic on this computer. Let's see if it'll break my habit of always going to the web to post! Plus, I won't have to go look up what I'm actually listening to - I can just hit a button. In my half-awake state, this pleases me muchly. *pushes button* Ooo, I am listening to Parov Stelar. Awesome.

Anyway. Babysitting. Yeah. I bought Tyler a little coloring book with dinosaur stickers in it while I was gone, hopefully he likes it. Hopefully it'll keep him occupied. :D Worst comes to worst, we watch movies and play with cars all day. I should pack my construction paper and a glue stick, maybe we'll make some construction paper stuff today. I dunno. The day is full of possibilities.

Guh. I have to go close my HSBC account sometime today, too. Not sure if I want to do that before or after work. If I could close it online, that'd be nice. I've been feeling really...hm, not sure how to describe it. It's like all the neuroses I have that I hate are coming to the surface, like the social anxiety, the OCDness, stuff like that. No depression or anything, which is weird. Usually depression is the cause of all this crap. It's very strange not wanting to deal with people and being in a perfectly happy mood.

Oh well! Never said I was normal, did I?
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Oh man, I remember being SOOO excited when I got invited to do closed beta. I was so happy to get the heck off of LJ, and I'd been waiting forever for DW to get set up and running. I'm glad I'm here. The atmosphere is just as wonderful as it was when I signed up last year - people are happy to be here, the People In Charge don't do things that make me cock my head and go "wtf?", and I just love it here.

Happy happy! :D

And to those of my friends who've just had DWiversaries, happy happy to you too!


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