Apr. 14th, 2010

purpleparadox: (Glee!)
Went bowling tonight with Bryan and Bubba. I sucked miserably, but still had fun. My best game was an 82, Bry's was a 142, and Bubba's was a 212. I kept falling over - I think I was using a ball that was too heavy for me, but oh well. I had fun. :D At one point I wobbled, fell, and ended up landing right on my ass in a sitting position. I got a strike that time, I think! XD I think I was annoying the more professional bowlers next to us with me swearing whenever I got a gutter ball and dancing whenever I got a strike, but whatever. I don't care. After that we went to a diner and had some delicious diabetes-inducing cake. And we talked a lot. I got to hear lots of old Bryan stories, heheh.

Earlier, we cleaned out the laundry room/Mike's office, which hadn't been cleaned in, what, five years? Yeah. We found Nintendo games under the dryer, about a million punch embroidery patterns, four tons of papers, and a lot of money in change, and some porn! An eventful cleaning session. I don't think the room's ever been that clean. After that we cleaned the side yard, which involved Bryan putting the fence by the pond back up so Smokey couldn't go swimming in there anymore, and him shoveling dirt around and raking leaves, and me scooping Smokey's poops. It was relatively uneventful, except for when Smokey almost fell in the pond again. Goofy dog.

Tomorrow we're going to go finish the backyard, and we're also going out to dinner. I am going to wear my Alice in Wonderland skirt. It'll be fun. :D


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