Apr. 9th, 2010

New things.

Apr. 9th, 2010 03:11 pm
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Today, I got a new monitor and a new bank account!

The new monitor is huge, a 20 inch widescreen monitor. It's even bigger than Bryan's, and has a wider screen too. I'm not used to it yet, haha. It's even HD, too, which is super nice. I'm justifying it as an educational expense, like the desktop, because it's annoying as hell trying to do 3D animation and construction stuff in Blender on a 15 inch monitor.

The new bank account is because HSBC decided to eliminate the type of account I have (free student checking) and start taking money from me if I decided to stop doing direct deposit to my checking, and take money if my savings account is lower than $5000. (Which it always is. ._. ) Soooo, once my security deposit check goes through, since that just got deposited yesterday, I'm going to cancel my HSBC account and put my money in my shiny new Community Bank account. (I'm also going to work on keeping better track of my money, now that it's in a new bank account, instead of guessing how much money I have and being shocked at the fact that there's not nearly as much as I'd hoped in there.)

Other than that, did a lot of running around today. Went to visit Edd, my favorite IT professor (and right now, my only IT professor), and got his OK to miss classes next week - apparently I'm not even going to be missing class on Wednesday, since we'll all be Skyping in to class, haha. I'm gonna see if I can manage to get Smokey, Bry's dog, in on the Skype To Class action. XD Edd also almost convinced Bryan to go back to grad school for Educational Technology - it is a good major, and Edd said that everyone who's been through the program has been hired as soom as they got out of school. (Which is very, very promising.)

And now, to surf about the internet a little bit before we start cleaning the house in a half hour. (It's a friggin' wreck right now!) If anyone wants to see pictures of the place once it's clean, let me know and I'll make a post of apartment pictures.


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