Jan. 26th, 2010


Jan. 26th, 2010 09:45 am
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If something's meant to happen, everything will fall in place in order for it to happen, right?

Because holy shit, not only am I back in grad school, but I start classes today. TODAY. I've got Multimedia Production this afternoon in my favorite computer lab in the entire school (Satterlee 300 for the two people who read this who'll actually know what I'm talking about), and tomorrow night is Advanced Web Page Development (also in Satterlee 300). I'm a little worried about that class - I mean, I taught myself HTML, and that was back in 1998. I'm afraid it's going to be like that time when my advisor stuck me in French 103 after not having taken any French in 3 years. (I shouldn't be so worried, though! I'm at least using my HTML knowledge, unlike French where it just sat in the back of my head for years!)

The next thing that has to fall into place is financial aid. Even with them screwing me around with taking money from my loans to pay me with 'work study' money, I should at least have some money left over to take six credit hours. (And if not, hopefully my dad might help me)

I need to remember to not be so damn hard on myself this time around. Everything I do is NOT garbage, and this WILL lead to a job you absolutely enjoy. :D
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Things just keep on falling into place!

I got my new student ID and meal plan taken care of. (I think it's kinda funny that I look even younger on my ID than I did when I started 10 years ago. WTF.) All Financial Aid needed was a letter stating that I'm taking classes half time this semester. I probably won't have a job this semester, but that will leave me more time to work on my classes. I have wonderful Kit to make sure I'm taking care of myself, and to have great discussions with, I have Morgan to chat about all sorts of things with, and I have Bryan to support me through everything. I've got wonderful friends, I've got a nice computer, and life is very good right now.

I think I kicked the depression monster's ass. :D
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  • 12:21 so is it sad that i'm excited about going back to school again? cuz seriously, at this point i can't imagine myself NOT in school #
  • 18:05 haha, i just made the worst video game evar #
  • 18:05 also, i think @rin_hime and @panzertron need hugs. so- *hugs* #
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