Jan. 25th, 2010

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The weather is so weird outside this morning. It looked like it was going to storm this morning, with the sky a lovely shade of gray and the wind whipping trees around. It still doesn't look too pretty out - no wonder why Kit's still in bed, and I'm just curled up in mine with the laptop. (I should probably get out of bed soon, though, and make some coffee and breakfast)

Today's my first day of sitting in on Latin 2. I hope I can remember enough Latin to actually get through the course. Granted, I'm not taking it for a grade, but still, it'd be nice to actually understand what's going on. It's silly, but I'm a little conflicted as to where I should sit in class. Usually, when Bryan and I took Latin, we'd sit right up front so we could see what's going on. (Oh lord, it's going to be very strange taking Latin without Bryan.) But I'm just sitting in on the class, I've absorbed all the knowledge already... so should I sit in the back? I have no idea. I'll ask Magistra when I get to class.

Also, I'm going to see about getting a gym membership. If I can't afford it, I may just sneak into the fieldhouse and walk a few miles after Latin. I'll see how things go. I definitely need to budget things out so I can figure out what I can and can't afford on unemployment.
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  • 16:14 omg I am back in grad school and starting classes tomorrow. #

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