Jan. 9th, 2010

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Good morning, internets!

I have more new friends! Welcome to all of you. :D

You don't know just how wonderful it was to wake up this morning and see the sun. I rolled over and looked out Artemis's window and the sun was shining through the curtains. The view out the window by my bed, behind where the computer is, is absolutely beautiful - the side yard is just a field of unbroken snow, and the houses across the street are so pretty. I love Waverly St. I've always wanted to live on this street, and here I am.

Not sure what's going on today. Kit might be going out to Massena, so if she wants me to come with her I'll go.

Last night wasn't a good night, but oh well. I know I'm gonna have good days and bad days, with this evil depression monster. Just gotta deal with things the best I can.
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Finally got around to watching The End Of Time. I will miss David Tennant. I almost cried at the end. I dunno what I think about 11th Doctor yet.... gonna have to wait to see him in action.

Oh, I'd like to welcome Bryan to Dreamwidth - also known as [personal profile] nomnomchuupie. He needs some friends.

I got Morgan to hop on Skype and show me his guitar, he played a little bit for Kit and I. I think Kit really enjoyed getting to see him, even if it was just on the computer. She even brought Oatmeal in to say hi.

I wish I knew where I stood with Morgan - if I'm a friend, or just his "grandmother's house guest". I'm too much of a pussy to just outright ask him, though. I worry too much, and cling too much, and should probably just detach myself from the human race in general.

Probably going to just roll over and go to sleep now. It's been a long day. A long, long day.


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