Jan. 8th, 2010

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I'm getting rid of LJ. Just totally deleting it. I spend too much time over there, and for what? Sailor Moon drama? I mostly follow communities, and even then there's not much to read. So, purpleparadox at LJ is going to be deleted. I'm gonna be a DW girl from now on.
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Hooray! I've made some new friends. Welcome to my journal, and enjoy your stay! :D

Today was another quiet day. Nancy, Kit's cleaning lady, came over and scrubbed the house from top to bottom, and while she did that I backed up her photos off of her iffy SD cards and put them on CD so she could get them printed. She's just started scrapbooking. I've been thinking of getting into the hobby - it looks like fun. I just need to scrounge up enough pictures to make a scrapbook. I'm glad I could help Nancy out with her pictures, and I told her if she ever needs anything computery to give me a call.

Brought the rest of my stuff over from Tara's. Now that's all taken care of, and I'm officially living here. (Which reminds me, better get my address changed. Someone remind me to do that, ok?) I shoulda made some coffee this morning - I need it. I'd love a hot cup of delicious coffee right now, but since it's almost 8, there's no point in filling myself with caffeine.

Not sure what's going on tomorrow - might go over to Bryan's, I dunno. Might just relax at home.


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